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Hanson Chiropractic Offers Treatment for Chronic Neck,
Back, Arm and Wrist Pain Sufferers

Many computer users whether it is their occupation or their hobby suffer from pain. It is no fun to suffer with any sort of pain, but neck pain is worse than most. Neck problems can create more than just neck pain and can even "travel". Some neck problems can produce pain that will travel to the head, shoulders, upper back, arms and even hands.

What Is Neck Pain?
There are many muscles and millions of nerves in the neck. On the inside, holding the head up against gravity, are seven bones called "vertebrae". These vertebrae have muscles attached to them that turn and tilt the neck and head. It's the constant weight and movement of the head that will often cause extra pain once the neck has problems. When the neck pain occurs it is often due to one of two things, either sore muscles and/or nerve pressure.

Sore Muscles
When a person has sore neck muscles and nothing more, the pain can be mild, moderate, or severe. However, muscle pain almost always goes away on its own usually in a matter of a few days. Muscle neck pain is often caused by sports activities, quick and unusual movements, sustained positions and, yes, mental stress. Muscle pain not only goes away on its own but it usually only produces localized pain. In other words, the pain won't travel.

Nerve Pressure
When nerve pressure occurs in the neck, a person can also experience mild, moderate, or severe pain. With nerve pressure the pain will neither go away on its own, nor will it disappear within a few days. Nerve pressure in the neck is often caused by computer work, sports activities, automobile or other types of accidents, quick and unusual movements, sustained positions and, once again, mental stress. Nerve pressure in the neck is often double trouble; first the problem rarely goes away on its own and second, the problem will very often produce traveling pain.

Why the "Traveling" Pain?
Nerves leave through opening between the bones in the neck. Some of these nerves go to the shoulders, some go to the head, some nerves go to the upper back, and some still go through the arms and into the hands. When nerve pressure occurs in the neck, it is very possible to feel pain or other symptoms elsewhere. A great many people suffer with headaches due to neck nerve pressure, some people will describe upper back pain that resembles a "knife-like" pain, many report debilitating arm pain or weakness and an unfortunate percentage of people will feel tingling into their hands and fingers- all directly because of nerve pressure in the neck producing traveling pain.

In most cases, if neck pain is caused only by muscles, massaging the neck can help relieve some pain and various ointments can help to relax the muscles and reduce discomfort. As mentioned earlier most muscle pain will go away on its own; no care at all is necessary because if you wait just a few days the muscles will relax on their own and the pain will subside. The problem to really be concerned about is the neck pain caused by nerve pressure. Even if the pain goes away within a few days or even a few weeks, the problem (in other words what is causing the nerve pressure itself) will never go away on its own. A person with nerve pressure in the neck may or may not have traveling pain and may or may not suffer continually but will always have a neck problem unless the cause of the nerve pressure is fixed. Many medical doctors struggle while trying to successfully treat neck nerve pressure problems. This is because medication, ointments and injections are not capable of eliminating nerve pressure. These therapies will sometimes offer some symptomatic relief but the pain keeps coming back because the problem is never fixed.

A 1991 study of workers' compensation claims comparing medical care to chiropractic care and reported in The Journal of Occupational Medicine found that chiropractic patients return to work ten times sooner after and injury. An interesting quote from the article was: "For the total data set, cost for care was significantly more for medical claims and compensation costs were ten-fold less for chiropractic claims." This study is important because it involved 3,062 separate injury cases. The sample consisted of 40.6% of the 7,551 estimated back injury claims from the 1986 Worker' Compensation Fund of Utah.

Does Chiropractic Really Work? Absolutely! Listen to a couple success stories as told by my patients:

"I work in the IT industry as a Program Manager, and started out as a SDE (developer). I had chronic neck and shoulder pain and my wrist hurt after long stretches in the ship cycle, I also started noticing that when I was relaxed one shoulder was higher than the other and during long stretches of sitting I would experience sciatica. After 3 weeks, I noticed near complete relief from pain and a better sense of balance I could work long hours and had no sciatica. I was shown my x-Rays taken at my first appointment and I had lost 2/3 of my natural curve in my neck this was a major cause of my neck pain and TMJ. After seeing the Hanson's for regular maintenance care the pain was gone. I was x-Rayed just recently and had gained half of my lost neck curve back. I now have little or no wrist pain, I sleep deeper, and I also work with more clarity. I would highly recommend Dan ; he is extremely professional and can more than help your health needs."
--Michael C.

"I work on a computer a lot of the time during the day, for both my job and for personal use. Before I started seeing Dr. Dan, I would experience all sorts of symptoms such as a sore back all the way from my neck to the sacrum, my wrists would get sore and sometimes my arms and hands would feel numb or tingly like they were going to fall asleep. I also would get headaches and my sinuses were really congested. It was very hard for me to try to keep good posture while I was sitting, and when I was standing. My back would feel stressed out and ached every time I tried to sit up straight. I would usually end up slouching to be comfortable and to relax my neck. I would be pretty grumpy at the end of every day and not know why. In fact I never really attributed most of my symptoms to my spine or neck. I just figured my muscles were sore from sleeping wrong, or I had a headache from a long day at work, and that I had severe allergies to... well, something. After just a few visits, it was easier to assume proper posture to help strengthen my muscles to be able to hold my spine in the proper position. My headaches my sinuses have improved 100%! My arms and wrists no longer get the numbness and the only time my wrists and hands are sore is if I have been typing a lot that day (which is understandable). I was really amazed at how many excuses are made to justify pain and discomfort. The realization that all the nerves in the body come out of the neck and spinal column never really connected in my mind although I knew that from biology class. It makes so much sense that any pain felt in the body is possible attributed to a subluxation in the spine and nerve pressure. And I was really thankful to discover this and that something very simple can be done to help your body help heal itself."
--Leah J.

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My name is Dr. Dan Hanson. I began my practice over 15 years ago in Redmond, WA. I received my Diploma in Applied Chiropractic Neurology and am  board certified after 2 years of post-graduate studies. I am a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association, member of the Christian Chiropractic Association and have done missionary work in the Ukraine with the Christian Chiropractic Association.

Too many people wait and suffer. With all of the scientific published research that exists in chiropractic, it's not worth waiting and suffering with neck nerve pressure. These problems can be diagnosed and, with proper chiropractic care, many patients respond amazingly well. With millions of people suffering and agonizing with neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, upper-back pain and arm pain, chiropractic has been a wonderful relief and more importantly a solution to the root of the problem which, causes the pain in the first place.
Stop waiting to see if your neck pain will go away or if it will get worse. And, if you're suffering now, please don't become hopeless thinking there is no solution for you. We are here to help! Call us to set up you "Special Neck Examination" which will tell us what your problem is and what options for care exist. We will clearly explain what we can do and what you can do in order to try and help stop your suffering. If you call us now, we will schedule your "Special Neck Examination" (the exam will include any necessary x-rays to see exactly what's going on inside).
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