Healing Cycle


What is the most important system in the body?

The answer is easy--the nervous system. When you were conceived, a sperm cell united with an egg cell forming one cell. This person, you, developed from this unification and from that developed a large cluster of cells resembling a ball of grapes. This ball of grapes eventually evolved into the brain, the most important organ in the body. From this, a small tail protruded with tiny extensions. Ultimately these formed the spinal cord and nerves. Attached to these extensions were minute buds, which in time formed every single organ system in the body. In summary, the nervous system forms first and from its direction forms every other system in the body. As a result, the nervous system is known as the master system. It is in charge of all other systems.

How does this system work? The easiest way to explain the nervous system is to compare it to the electrical system of a home. Every home has a generator, which supplies all the power to it. This generator in the human body is the brain. This organ generates the body's energy and gives it life. In the home, the generator is connected to the home by a very long cable. The cable serves as a link between the generator and the sockets installed in the home. The cable in the human body is the spinal cord. It attaches to the brain and leads to the individual "sockets" in the body. In a home, there are appliances. These consist of a T-V, stereo, washer, dryer, hair-dryer, refrigerator, etc. The human body consists of many appliances as well. These include the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, muscles, skin, eyes, immune system, etc. Now, I skipped one key connection. In the home setting, what connects the cable to the appliances? Electrical wires make the connection. In the human body these wires are known as nerves. These wires in the body, nerves, attach to every single appliance in the body. Every single immune gland, stomach cell, muscle and millimeter of skin is supplied by a nerve.

Like an electrical System, current actually runs down these nerves and allows whatever is on the other end to work 100%. By checking the body's sockets (openings created by spinal bones), chiropractors can assist the body's healing ability by eliminating nerve pressure (unkinking the wire).